What is Adzella?

Adzella is the global search engine for classified ads for Jobs, Properties, and Vehicles.

What does the word Adzella mean?

Adzella.com or Ad-zella, Ad (advert) + Zella (Means the one who knows the path). Adzella knows the best path to find the best classified ads on the web with one search.

Adzella can help you locate the most relevant ads published in thousands of classifieds websites, saving you the time it would take you to surf all those pages.

Our Mission

Is to create a web space where users can easily search and filter quality contents coming from vertical and generalist classifieds websites, job agencies, car dealers, real estate agencies and organizations which have an inventory of ads available online.

Adzella is located in Dubai, in the Middle East, with Office in London, United Kingdom. We are completely independent and always working hard to create an effective user friendly site, and carefully selecting the sources of the ads and developing new services and functionalities to improve the quality of the searches engine technologies within adzella.